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  • RGDATA Membership Benefits

    It's not just about representing the independent grocery/convenience sector; RGDATA provides specific help for individual stores too...

    RGDATA Actively Seeking Sustainable Retail Development

    RGDATA is the ONLY trade association that actively encourages sustainable retail development, opposes out of town shops and proactively campaigns for vibrant and vital towns, villages and local communities. Have a query about planning or need advice about making a planning objection? Call us on 01- 2834188 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    RGDATA Membership can save you money if you avail of our Expert Advice & Affinity Deals

    Avail of our Expert Advice Partners and Affinity Deals and Offers to help you cut costs and get a better deal on relevant services. Check out the latest deals at www.rgdata.ie members only section.

    RGDATA Communications

    Keep up to date on all the retail grocery industry news with RGDATA's bi-monthly E-Zine, RGDATA's instant 'Newsflash' and RGDATA's new Retail Toolkit app.

    RGDATA 24/7 Support Services

    Check out our recently revamped 24/7 support services.Get 24/7 support services for your business through our website www.rgdata.ie with our password protected members' only section. There you will find all the essential information for running your shop. Some of our most recent additions to our support services include:

    • Recruitment Guide
    • Staff contracts
    • Guide to Payment Service Providers
    • Importing & Exporting Goods
    • Register of Employees Essential Information
    • Shop Local Campaign Starter Pack

    It's not just about websites and emails. RGDATA is about personal service. Our telephone helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. We have the most experienced retail helpline team in the country and they are waiting to hear from you. Talk to Sheila or Carmel about any issue relating to your business. From maternity leave to preparing a NERA inspection, they provide sound advice and a friendly ear. Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and dial 01 – 2834188. No problem is too big or too small.

    RGDATA Member's Tip of the Month

    Looking for some inspiration? Check out RGDATA's Online News where once a month a retailer gives a brief insight into something they are doing that is adding to their business and their profits. Watch the videos at www.rgdata.ie or download the RGDATA App.

    RGDATA Training Initiatives

    The RGDATA Academy provides online courses for you and your team at very competitive prices without the disruption of leaving the shop. Check it our at www.rgdata.ie.

    RGDATA also provides one off expert training sessions to members to assist them in promoting their business. Our 2014 media seminar was a huge success. If you'd like to take part in RGDATA training in 2015 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Membership Types

    The following extract from RGDATA’s Articles of Association explains the various Classes of Membership:


    13. The various classes of membership of the Company shall be as follows:-

    • (a) Retail Members – these are Members who represent the independent retail sector.
    • (b) Wholesale Members – these are Members who represent the wholesale sector.
    • (c) Associate Members – these are members other than Retail or Wholesale Members.

    14. It shall not be necessary for Members to hold shares in the capital of the Company.

    15. The Board shall, at its discretion, on admission of a Member decide which class of Membership is most appropriate to a Member.


    16. The Board shall, on an annual basis determine the minimum level of annual contribution that is required from each category of Members. VOTES OF MEMBERS

    18. The quorum for the transaction of business at any general meeting shall be two members personally present and holding or representing by proxy not less than one-tenth of the share capital of the company for the time being issued; and Regulation 54 of Table A shall be modified accordingly.

    19. Each Retail Member shall have one vote at general meetings of the Company. Associate Members and Wholesale Members do not have a vote.

    Only Retail Members can be appointed as Directors of RGDATA.

    RGDATA will permit Associate Members to access the membership details to provide information to members that is relevant and useful and will benefit their business. RGDATA will strictly monitor this to ensure that members do not receive inappropriate or unnecessary communications. Members should inform RGDATA if they do not wish to receive these communications.

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